If you have a website, blog, database or any type of web application then you will need somewhere to host it. Server hosting can vary in price hugely and it all depends on your situation and needs. Some hosting can go for as little as $5 per month for very basic static websites but you will find you have very little control over the options and setup. Cheap hosting means just that, so it is important that if you have a business website and you want it to work for you then you really should get a reliable hosting solution. Unity Web Development’s Business Grade Hosting Solutions are priced fairly and deliver quality options.

Scalable Websites

Scalable Solutions

No longer do you have to pay for a powerful server that sits there only bursting to its full potential a few times a month. You can now have a hosting solution that can scale your application only when it is needed.

Pay per hour charging means less overhead costs for your business. Start with a smaller base infrastructure and then allow the system to scale up the resources when your website or application get a spike in traffic.

Great Features

We can provide full account access to cPanel so you can take control of your account, create new email addresses, create sub-domains as needed. All of our servers are Australasian based which means they are fast and reliable.

Unity Hosting can provide custom configuration of your hosting needs. Large websites with lots of media may need more space and data transfer. A quick chat with us will determine your exact needs and as your business grows or changes we can modify your account to suit. Packed with enough data transfer allowance, storage space and speed to suite your needs as they grow.

Alternatively, we can take care of things for you. We offer some great prepaid support packages. for new and existing customers.

UNITY HOSTING boasts a 99.9% up-time guarantee