We Build Websites

Not only do we build websites, we also maintain them and keep them up to date.

We can tailor make a web  experience to suit your exact business or personal needs.
We have many years proven experience using the latest web technologies. Web design is our passion.

Responsive web design

Responsive Website Design

Unity Web can build great looking websites that are responsive to various screen types and sizes. Responsive design is still a fairly new way of building web sites but has caught on quick with their optimal viewing experience.

Websites websites websites

Websites are what we do best. We love everything to do with them.  We use the latest tools and technologies to build more dynamic and interactive websites. We not only deliver great looking websites but also applications as web services, which were traditionally only available as applications on a desk-based computer.

We work closely with our clients, existing and new, to identify the requirements needed in a site. With several deliverables throughout the process we can be sure to arrive at the solution as intended.

Affordable web design


Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap! We work to your budget delivering solutions that you can afford yet still providing quality products.

Talk to us about our different site options we have and subscriptions to help balance out payments for your website.

Social Networking

Websites were, once solely used as a tool for commerce or work but are ever more widely used today for communication and social networking. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are a platform that provide users a way of communicating with organisations on a more personal level. With your website linked to various types of social networking you can relate to your customers better.

Social Networking

Get a quality website built today

Technology is always changing, which means  it’s never been easier to build quality yet affordable web solutions.