Website Hosting Solutions

Email Hosting
$5.95 p/m
Simple Email Plan
x4 email addresses for your given domain name.
Up to 100mb of space each
Lite Hosting
$8.95 p/m
For static sites
1 page marketing websites
500mb disk space
x3 email inc
x2 sub-domains
Basic Hosting
$18.95 p/m
General website with low to average traffic
1Gb disk space
x5 email addresses
Unlimited sub-domains
Large Hosting
$29.95 p/m
Busy websites with regular traffic
2Gb disk space
x10 email addresses
Free parking
Most popular hosting plan

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E-Commerce Solutions

Unity Commerce Basic
$59.50 p/m
Start up E-commerce website
Start up E-commerce website
500mb disk space
40Gb of traffic allowance
Standard Commerce
$75.95 p/m
E-commerce standard needs
Room, Traffic and Speed
2Gb disk space
100Gb of traffic allowance
10 email addresses
Unity large Commerce
$180 p/m
E-commerce essentials
Room, Traffic and Speed
3Gb disk space
200Gb of traffic allowance
30 email addresses

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